Useful Tip for Decorating Your Christmas Tree

One straightforward yet vital suggestion before adding an assortment of decorations to your Christmas tree is to put the tree at the top of a piece of cardboard. This permits the tree to be moved around the home easily with no harm to the floor or items. It also works as a protective layer to the ground from any fallen branches. When the tree is set up, it is time to prepare the tree itself for decoration. You should make sure that all branches are extended out, pointing slightly upwards and spread equally over the tree’s whole size. Once that is done, the decorations are ready to be put on the tree.

You should start the decoration by first fitting the lights to the tree. The general rule that mostly works is fitting 100 lights per every foot of the tree. Hence, a tree that is 7ft would look effective with 700 lights. This rule is effective because it generates just the right amount of lights which a Christmas tree ideally needs. Some real looking artificial Christmas trees now come with built-in fibre optic lights, which offer an extremely pretty look and would save yourself the hassle of arranging the lights on the tree. You can shop online for real looking artificial Christmas trees.


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