A Livelihood in Oil and Gas Engineering

It is a recognised the fact that oil companies have grievously depleted the world's oil reserves; that is those reserves that in the past have been relatively easy to access. With modern technology and the recovered equipment, oil can now be extricated from even the most remote and uninviting areas of the globe.

Oil and gas engineering has been brought into the twenty-first century by this technology and it has indicated that engineers not only need the basic knowledge, but they also need wide-ranging knowledge like thermo-hydraulic, geomechanics and the all famous intelligent systems that are used in modern day drilling techniques. You can also visit http://techsol247.co.uk/ to know more about the oil companies.

Oil companies themselves run engineering training courses on a constant basis. Working within this field an engineer can expect to be amongst the top bracket of wage earners; more experienced engineers can earn almost double the money a graduate would demand to make initially. Many countries rely on oil and gas engineering to keep their economies in the black so universities have added courses to their curriculum to please the ever increasing demand for new engineers in the oil industry.

There are certain types of engineers whose expertise is much needed to the oil company and they can be split into three defined categories:

• Reservoir engineers 

• Drilling engineers 

• Production engineers


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