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What to Consider When Choosing between One Page and Multi Page Websites

A Closer Look into Different Types of Website and Their Advantages and Disadvantages

Will it be right to develop a multiple page or a single page website? This is one of the most important questions you will have to find answer for while creating a website. We will try to provide an answer to this question by going through main differences present between them so that it becomes easier for you to understand which option will be right for you.

What would be the right option – develop a multiple page or a single page website?

Let us first look at advantages as well as disadvantages of single page websites before examining pros and cons of multiple page websites.

Single Page Websites

Toronto web development companyYour Toronto web development company can create a single page website where all the details (such as content, form and product descriptions) are presented on a single page. There are advantages to such a site, which are listed below.

Advantages of Single Page Websites
• The main advantage of such websites is that it is not necessary to visit different pages to view required content or products. This will help in reducing browsing time as well as provides visitor's with enhanced user experience.
• Another benefit of such sites is that they perform well over mobile phones, since it is not necessary to load new pages, meaning users can quickly find information they are looking for. As network speed is often a constraining factor when mobile phones are used for viewing websites, such single page websites prove to be quite useful.
These sites are an ideal option for websites which have less number of products or content to display.
Disadvantages of Single Page Websites
• If you are planning to develop a large website where many products will be added then single page website will not be the right option, since there would be too much information on one page for users to easily grasp.
• Another drawback will surface if you are planning to include different categories of data on your site (like blogs, news section, etc.) as a single page site will not have such separate sections.
• Your site's SEO will also be affected, since there will be no internal pages to add related keywords. Thus, it will only be possible to optimize and promote main keywords added on the single page. 

Multiple Page Websites

 Toronto web development companies generally suggest multiple page websites if you are planning to create a large website where several complex operations are to be managed.
In this section let us check advantages as well as disadvantages of such multiple page websites.
Advantages of Multiple Page Websites
• These sites usually have a clear navigational system which helps users find required information with relative ease.
• Such sites are better from SEO perspective as well, since it becomes possible for Toronto web development firms to optimize keywords relevant to a specific page.
Disadvantages of Multiple Page Websites
For large sites it is important to plan navigation system correctly otherwise it can lead to confusion and distract users.


As we can see both options have their specific positive as well as negative aspects and you will have to make a selection as per your specific needs.

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