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Common Crib Safety Tips

Much to our surprise, statistics according to the Consumer Product Safety Commission say that a lot of infants die per year and that this happens in the crib itself or through a crib accident. It is therefore essential that at least we know the precautions on crib safety. We will therefore discuss some crib safety tips.

When putting your baby to sleep on her crib, make sure that you have a firm crib mattress. You should read crib mattress reviews before purchasing a product, to make sure it meets the safety standards. Never put any soft material on it because you want to avoid the risk of your baby having “Sudden Infant Death Syndrome.” Also do not forget to position your baby on her back to make sure of a good night’s rest. Remember that your babies should be placed on the crib and not to the adult bed, water bed or air bed. Uneven surface will make your baby prone to suffocation.

Never put your baby near a window with curtains or blinds on it. Remember that your baby may have a tendency to reach for them making them prone to suffocation. Do not use strings on mobiles as well for the baby may pull it and strangulate with it. For pacifiers and/or teethers, do not tie them around the baby’s neck. Bibs should be removed when putting your baby back to the crib.

When placing your baby in the crib, always lock the side rail because your baby has the tendency to stand and reach for it when they are able to. Remove any large toys as well because they may use these toys to stand above it and climb up the rails. As your baby is growing up, make sure to tighten any screws or bolts on its railings for the more your baby gets older, the more they experiment as well. Crib safety tips when followed religiously could be helpful for the overall well being of your baby.