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The Culture of Tanzania

Some tourists who spend their holidays in Tanzania would like to know some elements about the culture of the country. As a country in the Eastern section of Africa, the culture is quite different to several countries around the region.

 The literature of Tanzania for example offered the world a number of distinctive writers. We keep in mind Shaaban Robert, the well-known poet and writer. This renowned poet was accountable to develop the prose method of the Swahili, the main language of Tanzania.For more information on Adventure Africa (AA Africa) you can check online.




Another well-known Tanzanian writer is Mohamed Said Abdullah. Originating from Zanzibar, Abdullah is well-known for his detective stories like Graveyard of the Ancestors and he is also considered the founder of the Swahili literature. With a wide set of creations, Abdullah is popular as well among tourists who take a trip to Tanzania as some of his works were translated to many languages.

The mainly renowned writers of contemporary Tanzanian literature include Abdallah Gurnah who was born in Zanzibar in 1946. His best works consist of Paradise, which takes place in East Africa after World War I. This novel was nominated to win the UK booker prize in 1994. This is another novelist that is famous among tourists who go on holidays in Tanzania.