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Organic Ways To Plump Lips

We all know that plump and thick lips are all the rage since Kylie Jenner began this trend with her new lips and lip kits. Ever since women all over the world have been going under the knife just so they can have fuller looking lips at the end of the day. What a lot of them do not know is that there are several organic ways to achieve similar results. Like organic mineral makeup, these ways are also not harmful to the human body. So if you have a lipstick you want to try, here are some things you can do to your lips to plump them up organically:


  1. You can mix a little bit of cinnamon with some olive oil and salt. Turn this into a grainy paste and apply it on the lips leaving it on for ten whole minutes. After the time is up massage your lips gently for a minute and then remove the paste. It may feel tingly and that is what makes your lips look plump.
  2. Another way to accomplish this is by mixing together some sugar with olive oil in a small plate. Dip your toothbrush into this paste and then use it to massage your lips thoroughly. Repeat this process for five minutes or so. This action increases the blood flow to the lips and makes them look fuller naturally. They also make your lips soft and supple.  

Once you’re done, you can experiment with all the lipsticks you want.