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Funky Wedding Car Colors

One of the basics of planning weddings is transportation. How many cars to hire? What type? What are the routes? What is the cost? Is it in the budget? How much slack time can be provided? Should alternate routes be provided so you are not late due to a traffic jam? A car hire at a wedding requires all of these things to be thought of in advance.

Some times couples want to get creative and one of the best ways to do so is through a funky color for the cars. If you live in or near Byron Bay, you have the option of Byron Bay wedding car hire.

Courtesy: pinterest

What You Can Do

The easy answer to this is that the car hired for the couple can match their wedding theme and colors. They could be the same colors of contrasting or complimentary colors. But what if you are hiring a car for the parents of the bride and groom, or for the bridesmaids or the groomsen?

The easiest way is to have them all the same colors but different models. One of the more creative way to go about it can also be to have the same models but indifferent colors. Say the bride groom arrive in a red car, while the parents could arrive in a white car, the bridesmaid in a light blue or a royal blue car and the groomsmen in an orange car for a rainbow themed wedding. It might become a wedding worth remembering just because of the color coordination.

The point is to not hesitate in experimenting with colors, the cars could corrdinate with yor wedding theme, or they could be of a color you associate with individuals or couples.