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How to Throw a Party for the Bride That She’ll Treasure

Throwing a party for the bride can be tricky and usually it's the duty of a maid of honor. As a chosen bridesmaid, it's your responsibility to prepare an event that the bride will not forget and treasure it as one exciting memory of her life. It's your choice and you need to know the bride's interest so you know if you would just give her a traditional bridal shower or a wild bachelorette party.

If you want to excuse yourself from holding a big event, you can simply go with the flow of traditional bridal shower. But if you want to break the conservative tradition, go and arrange the wildest party you can give to the bride. The best tip for you to attain such desired party is to get the best bar or club that offer a complete package including a free VIP ride to the strip club.

By the way, there is another option. That is to combine the traditional bridal shower with a bachelorette party. You can do a little bit of both to form a unique style of throwing a party for the bride. While the bride is the center of the event, considering the preference of your guests should be done as well.