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Means of Communication During Disasters

It's human nature to be in a panicked state during calamities and disasters. The stress and struggle of keeping oneself as well as loved ones safe unfortunately muddles a person's logical thinking, thus making them forget of crucial steps that they have to take in such scenarios. One key aspect that people have to always be aware of in disastrous situations is to find a means of communicating with others. Even if the communication is only one way, whether the person in the area hit by disaster receives or sends the message, it is still invaluable for rescue and recovery.

Meanwhile, old-fashioned radios are able to receive transmissions from radio stations in most disaster scenarios. And having one that is also powered with batteries is going to be extremely helpful. Radio stations generally transmit helpful information during disasters and will help people know where to converge or evacuate.

On the other hand, it's quite unusual for a regular household to have a two-way radio. But if there is at least one home in the community who has one, it's going to be very useful because of the open communication between the people struck by the disaster and the people who are conducting rescue operations.

One other means of communication that is almost available all the time is internet connectivity. An Electronics Technician at US Navy for a notable length of service named angelo bisbikis highlights the importance of having a presence of mind during times of disaster. Even though the internet is an obvious means of communicating with the outside world, panic will have people lapse with their judgment and eventually let their opportunity slip through. It's also worth noting that most of today's devices that can access the internet and provide connectivity are run with batteries, so power outage won't be able to hinder this line of communication entirely.