Phuket Holiday Rental – Your Perfect Vacation in Thailand

Phuket – The Island

Phuket, one of Thailand’s southern provinces situated alongside; Phang Nga and Krabi. Phuket is an island albeit with a large land bridge so to all intents and purposes it is part of the mainland.

The island is blessed with the Phuket International Airport which will be in the north of the island and serves the land generally. Phuket is approximately the same size as Singapore and it is not simply the largest area in Thailand it is also the richest because of the tourism it makes as a result of its place in the Andaman Sea. You can get here Latest info about Hua Hin.


Phuket Island offers great bays, coves, white beaches and inviting waters. The area is well known for its charming people, a wide variety of hotel different from rentals, hotels of course, and to small family-run guesthouses do not forget the fabulous food. If you want to read the latest blog about Hua Hin property then click this

There are certainly a number of local transport choices after coming to the Phuket Airport Terminal. These include buses, open air taxis and also motorbike rentals to get around most tourist destinations. Phuket is a tourist favorite, not just due to its natural beauty, but in addition to the numerous interesting attractions.

These range from falls, FantaSea, the Phuket Aquarium, crocodile farm, butterfly farm, Simon Cabaret, The Wat Chalong Temple and but certainly not least the monkey sanctuary where Gibbon Monkeys are rehabilitated to the wild.


For sure for travelers, the hotel is important for your family fun. Phuket offers a variety of holiday rentals. The Phuket Hotels start from about 2* and move right up to 5*++ this is matched by apartment rentals and these may include a tiny 2 bed villa near the beach that will be extremely affordable through to 8 bedroom villas with the most spectacular views situated right on the beach, what could be better than a Phuket apartment rental to match every budget.


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