What Sort of Hamster Cage Is the Best for Your Hamster?

Glass aquarium hamster cages are one of the most popular types of hamster cages one can buy. They give the hamster a living space that is draft-free. Glass will also help to maintain heat better than the other options. If you are living in a chilly climate, you should buy an aquarium to keep your hamster warm or else it may be at risk.

Another common hamster cage you can buy is the wire mesh habitat. This enclosure is easy to maintain and is particularly cost-effective if money is tight for you. If all you want is to keep your hamster snug, this habitat will be unable to keep away cool winds. They may also lead to trouble with tinier hamsters as they can, on occasion, escape through the gaps between the wires.

Plastic dwarf hamster cages appear virtually identical to glass enclosures but also come with an assortment of different features. The main advantage of plastic over glass is that it is a lot easier to wash and far lighter to lift up in order to re-arrange it. It is usually drastically less costly than glass and won't break as easily. Often times though, due to the cheap materials hamsters may easily damage the cage and you'll have to get a new one a lot quicker than normal.


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