Advantages and Disadvantages of the Most Famous Kinds of Hamster Cages

Glass aquarium hamster cages are among some of the usual models of hamster cages. They provide the hamster a living space that is mostly wind-free. An additional benefit is the fact that glass can also be significantly warmer compared to other cages. For people residing in chillier regions, it is the perfect option for one’s hamster.

A different type of hamster habitat that is quite common is the wire mesh cage. This enclosure is hassle-free to take care of and clean. However, when compared to the glass aquarium, cold breezes can potentially get into the enclosure. They can also lead to an issue with smaller hamsters because the spaces between the wires are possible escape routes for dwarf hamsters. To check out a lot more blog posts and articles like this, visit to do so.

Plastic aquariums appear very similar to glass habitats although they feature a couple of distinct attributes. If you realize glass aquarium cages tend to be hard to wash and difficult to lift up, maybe a plastic aquarium is ideal for you. An additional benefit is that it will not crack as fast and is way more affordable. On the other hand, hamsters love to scratch and gnaw and will at some point wear down the plastic enclosure.

Pipe cages are hamster cages that will supply a lot of amusement to the pet and the pet owner. These are available in either plastic or wire form and possess a system of piping for hamsters to scamper around in. Several units may also be rebuilt and upgraded periodically.


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