Tips For Choosing Coffee Machine

There are other types of coffee machine available too, such as the filter coffee machine, pod machine or instant coffee machine, but these are not considered in this article as they cannot produce ‘proper’ speciality coffee drinks such as latte, espresso, ristretto etc.

The basis of all luxury speciality coffee drinks is the espresso that both our systems produce. This is made by passing hot water under pressure through a wad of ground coffee, to produce a short, powerful and concentrated coffee liquor.

After the espresso shot is mixed with foamed or steamed milk than most popular varieties of specialty coffee drinks like cappuccino, latte, macchiato could be made.  Check out Roasted coffee bean supplier Malaysia via visiting online websites.

Both the standard espresso machine and the bean to cup machine are able to create espresso shots and foamed milk.

Firstly we’ll consider overall drink quality. Here the conventional espresso machine comes out on top. This is assuming that the operator (barista) is well trained and the two kinds of equipment are clean and well-maintained.

An espresso based drink produced on a traditional espresso machine and prepared by a top barista is the best you can get! Coffee beverages made from a bean to cup machine are extremely good but don’t quite make it to the standard set by a conventional system. Apart from this, get more additional info about coffee making equipment melbourne through online websites.

Secondly when considering the consistency of the final drink the bean to cup machine will usually win. The standard of drink from a conventional espresso machine depends on the barista and his frame of mind at the time and so can vary greatly. Bean to cup machines nevertheless produce the same beverage at the push of a button and aren’t determined by the operator.


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