Shaving Razor For Men

Shaving for men is big business as more and more men take time and care over their grooming system. And with this progress in taking care of oneself, shaving is really in focus, with more and more barbers opening up and attempting the old fashioned shave. You can also visit to know more about the best shaving tips.

One area that has seen an extension is the use of the DE (Double Edge) Safety Razor. While to get an ever increasing number of blades in a cartridge, if you want a surprisingly close shave, then this classic razor is your best option. This is the option shavers for men of our father and grandfathers, and no self-respecting film from the fifties and sixties, that recommended a shaving scene, was without the ubiquitous DE Safety razor.

While the DE razor will originally cost more than a standard multiblade offering, over the long run the safety blade is the commercial choice. When you buy the handle part, it will be with you for life, and you only ever have to buy packs of the blades themselves. These blades last much longer and are cheaper than the cartridge blades that go with the MACH razors or Fusion razors of this world.

The quality of the razor blade itself will mean it rests sharper than a multiblade version and hence will last longer. In addition, as it is just metal, and no plastic parts or rubber strips etc, it is environmentally friendly.


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