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plansThere are many furniture plans out there in the market, but bookcase plans have a special Bookcase Planspurpose. Yes, we really do need bookcase plans for several reasons. But, before explaining these reasons, let’s play one small scenario, which is common for most of the people who have many books at their houses. Afterwards, it will be self-explainable, why we need bookcase plans?

So…there is this Mr. Smith.

Mr. Smith has a wife – Mrs. Smith, who is addicted to reading books. She own all the classics you can think of, like ‘Pride and Prejudice’ by Jane Austen, ‘Robinson Crusoe’ by Daniel Defoe, ‘Oliver Twist’ by Charles Dickens, ‘Crime and Punishment’ by Fyodor Dostoyevsky, ‘The adventures of Sherlock Holmes’ by Arthur Conan Doyle, ‘The Hunchback of Notre-Dame by Victor Hugo, Jack London’s ‘The call of the wild’ and other great classics written by famous writers like Edgar Allan Poe, William Shakespeare, Leo Tolstoy, Mark Twain, Jules Verne, Oscar Wild and many others. She keeps all these books in boxes under their bed and every time she wants to take one book, she needs to remove out the boxes and then she spends at least one hour to find the book she wanted in the first place. Mr. Smith was really nervous about that, so one day he showed up holding bookcase plans in his hand. He just said: ‘Darling, today is the day when I will save you from this misery!’. Then, he prepared his toolbox and started to analyze his bookcase plans. Everything else belongs to a history.

This was a typical example of why to use bookcase plans. It’s simple why, isn’t it? – to build a bookcase where you will store all the books you have and, of course, to be able to find easier the book title you want to read! Ok, now we invented a wheel again, right?

Anyway, before even started to use your bookcase plans you need to be sure of some facts:

1. At least you should know approximately how many books do you have? You don’t want to end up spending your money for expensive bookcase plans just to build a bookcase that is too small to host all the books you have.

2. How many bookshelves have you foreseen for your needs? This is also somehow related to the number of books you own. But, in dependence of bookcase size, you can have many or only a few bookshelves for the same number of books. This is something to take care of before using bookcase plans.

3. What kind of bookcase are you interested in? Is it corner bookcase, or is it flat one – covering one wall in your house.

After you get these questions answered, good bookcase plans with clear instructions and easy to follow guides is everything you need in order to make a perfect new home for your books. However, try to find a design you really like first, and then just follow the bullets inside these bookcase plans and success is there.

Just to return to the above story shortly. The reason Mr. Smith brought home bookcase plans is not just to remove books from under the bed. He did not buy bookcase plans just to make Mrs. Smith’s life easier, so she could find her titles easier when the books are on the bookshelves. The thing is that Mr. Smith always wanted to have some kind of home library. It is really flattering when your guests admire at how many great books you have. That is also why Mr. Smith took those bookcase plans.

There is one great scene from a Disney cartoon ‘Beauty and the Beast’ where the Beast wanted to surprise Belle (that was the name of the Beauty). He made her cover her eyes and took her to his large library he had in the castle. When she opened her eyes, she was stunned. Imagine what kind of bookcase plans the Beast must have used to build THAT!
Anyway, it is nice to know you have something at home others will admire at. Thank God for Bookcase plans.


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