iPhone Applications That Made It Big in the Market

It is no doubt that Android is fast growing in popularity attracting new subscribers but according to market experts, iPhone still has the most loyal user base.

Who continues to stick to their favorite operating system? The loyal user base bodes well for iPhone application development community.

Application development is the fastest growing sector in the mobile communication industry. Ever since Apple launched the first app store in 2008 it has dominated the industry. You can head to www.vzarapp.com to get more information about online iPhone apps.

Increased App sales have generated good revenue as Apple collects 30 percent of the retail price of all applications sold and the rest of the 70 percent is earned by the application developers.

Many independent software engineers and entrepreneurs have earned handsome amount for themselves by making and selling these applications. "Angry birds" is one such example.

It is a fantastic puzzle game that became a gaming sensation as soon as it was launched and is the fastest selling iPhone game. It is seen to be the biggest selling application in the UK.

It is amongst the most popular downloads for application seen frequently at the top of the iPhone app list. The application is also doing well on iPad.

The game that has been the reason for millions of downloads was not made by a big team. In fact, it was built by four developers by a firm Rovio mobile. This goes to show that a simple application of the good concept can make it in the intense competition driven market.

Another reason behind the enormous success of the application was that the firm Rovio mobile observing the success of their application came up with other versions that were compatible with the other devices. The different versions brought to them a larger market to target and it also meant more sales.

It all goes to prove that there is no set formula for a successful application only a good idea is all that matters.


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